Algorithma launches AI-powered to ‘revolutionise’ stock market investment

Algorithma, a startup incubated by the Kerala Startup Mission, has unveiled, an innovative new brokerage platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

This platform aims to democratize investing in the stock market, making it available even to individuals without prior knowledge of stock brokerage. Nikhil Dharman, CTO of Algorithm highlighted the huge opportunities that presents to existing and aspiring stock market investors.

The launch event, which was held at the Kerala Startup Mission, was attended by Kannan Rai, former Head of Business Development at Google Play and Head of Partnerships at Razorpay India. leverages advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence capabilities to help investors automate and optimize their investments. By going beyond traditional human-based recommendations, market speculation and probability analysis, the platform allows investors to more precisely identify investment opportunities.

Main benefits

According to the startup, one of the main advantages of is its simplicity and ease of use, as it specifically caters to retail investors. By acting as a bridge between wealth management analysts and stock brokers, it enables individuals to effortlessly make informed investment decisions.

Moreover, fills a technology gap for retail investors with respect to foreign institutional investors and domestic institutional investors. Through its advanced features, the platform increases the probability of positive returns from the stock market while reducing associated risk factors, the algorithm says.